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An eight slot motherboard which forms the base of a RAK8 dimmer array. Designed to be wall mounted in an electrical cupboard as a single 8 channel unit or joined together to form multi-way stacks.

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The Rako RAK8-MB, an eight channel rack with slots for pluggable modules allowing for greater flexibility during both specification and installation. Individual plug in modules are available for trailing edge, leading edge, 0-10V, DSI, DALI and switching loads as well as curtain, blind and screen control – see individual data sheets for information.

When used with the wireless receiver (RX-Link) up to 16 channels can be used per stack and when used with a wired system (RAKLink) up to 32 channels per stack are available. It is also possible to mix and match Rako RAK4s and Rako RAK8s on the same multi-way stack – the same maximum number of channels per stack applies.

Any combination of pluggable modules can be fitted into the 8 slot motherboard allowing for greater flexibility during both specification and installation. The Rako RAK8-MB requires a separate controller/receiver which connects using standard CAT5 RJ45 sockets. Controlled from any Rako Rakom RF or WIRED device, for example the RCM or WCM push button wall plates.

Programmed using the RASOFT Pro software, the unit can be used effortlessly and seamlessly with other Rako modules such as RML and RMT in-line dimmers and controlled from RCM & WCM keypads, remotes, tablets and smartphone apps.


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